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Ultimate health is 2 steps away
Step 1: DA Roots
Step 2: DA Booster

Get to DA Root of the issue and give your body DA Booster it needs to power through life. With DA Roots your body will be able to naturally attack inflammation and mucus. With DA booster your body will be able to naturally cleanse your blood and gut. 

DA Roots ingredients: 

  1. Turmeric 
  2. Burdock 
  3. Dandelion
  4. Tribulis
  5. Ashwaghanda
  6. Bladderwrack
  7. Elderberry
  8. Sea moss
  9. Mullein
  10. Prickly Ash
  11. Cascara Sagrada
  12. Lavender

DA Booster ingredients: 

  1. Sarsaparilla
  2. Astragalus
  3. Jiaogulan
  4. Black cumin seed
  5. Gensing
  6. Milk thistle
  7. Ginkgo
  8. Eleuthero 
  9. Yellow dock
  10. Rose hips
  11. Guaco
  12. Schisandra
  13. Bitter melon
  14. Slippery elm

Divinely Aligned Roots is designed as a daily multi-mineral meal that includes everything we need for basic maintenance of our health. For some of us we need more than just basic needs, some of us need to repair damage that has been done. The damage isn’t always our fault but the repair from the damage is completely up to us and you’ve taken that first step, congratulations!!


For best results we recommend taking a total of 8 capsules a day. You will take 4 when you wake up, and 4 capsules 1-2 hours  before you go to bed. If you have DA Roots and DA Roots booster package you will take the lighter colored capsules when you wake and the darker colored capsules at night. Think of sun up sun down. That means 2 of the lighter colored capsules out of DA Roots and 2 of the lighter capsules of DA Booster at waking and 2 of the Darker capsules of DA Roots and 2 of the darker capsule’s of DA Booster at night.


For those that only have DA Roots and no booster, you should be taking 4 of the lighter capsules at waking, and 4 of the darker capsules 1-2 hours before bed for maximum results. If you are only wanting the bare minimum to maintain your good health we recommend the maintenance amount of 2 lighter capsules when waking, and two darker capsules 1-2 hours before bed.


Please remember these minerals will gather up toxins and will want to flush them out of the body. The toxins will be pushed out through your skin primarily because that’s the biggest organ, your urine, and your bowels. This process only works if you remain consistent in taking the capsules daily and you remain consistent in drinking at bare minimum 64 ounces of water daily. The toxins can only flush out if we take in the proper amount of water through drinking it, and or eating seeded fruit. The minerals will cause you to crave more water and fresh food which makes this journey of good health easier. We encourage you to give into those urges for maximum results. When you are craving sweets that means your body wants seeded fruit. When you are thirsty your body wants seeded fruit and spring water or alkaline water.


These minerals work to cleanse the blood and gut but it doesn’t act as a laxative. Think of it as eating a fresh salad with twenty different fruits and vegetables in it, if you have DA Roots and DA Booster. If you have just DA Roots think of it as a fresh salad with twelve different fruits and vegetables. Either way your body will thank you by keeping what it needs and consistently but not uncontrollably eliminating what it doesn’t need. Enjoy the process and keep your love rooted!