We don’t believe it’s coincidence we came in contact today. You desire to live the highest quality of life you possibly can. A life free of pain and disease, as we do. Let’s do this together!

Our Focus Is On Holistic Healing 

We believe that God created the plants for the healing of the nations. The infinite wisdom of God created the human body to heal itself. Our only job is to get out of the way, and eliminate the roadblocks to this natural process.

How does it work?

----> Raw Ingredients <----
 Every single ingredient was chosen for a specific purpose although most of them overlap in some of the qualities they are all very unique. Rather than offering each Root individually we chose to combine them in our unique blend. We wanted the simplest solution to overall health as possible. In addition to simplicity minerals work best when combined with other minerals, because our bodies are complex it requires a complex meal. 
----> Complex Meal <----
For instance a salad with just spinach doesn’t satisfy your belly, but if you add mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, onion, carrot, sunflower seeds, black beans, cucumber, strawberries, and radish, it’s a completely different experience. Our bodies have 102 minerals in which 92 of them can be replenished with food, the issue is most of the soil is depleted of minerals so we must look outside of fruits and vegetables for proper nutrition to repair and protect our bodies. Sea moss and bladderwrack contain all 92 minerals our bodies need on a daily basis but alone they can only do so much, just like a basic spinach salad. We use sea moss and bladderwrack of course, but then we go the extra mile and add Tribulus, Ashwaghanda, Burdock, Dandelion, Turmeric, Lavender, Prickly Ash Bark, Elderberry, Mullein, Cascara Sagrada, Slippery Elm, Schisandra berry, Palo Guaco, Yellow Dock, Eleuthero, Bitter Melon, Rose Hips, Sarsaparilla, Ginkgo, Astragalus, Black Cumin Seed, Jiagulan, Milk Thistle Seed, and Gensing and SO MUCH MORE!
 ----> Results Focused <----

Combining all these minerals will assist your body in cleansing your blood, gut, and lymphatic system of impurities. The heart, lungs, kidneys, and gut are the key to overall health, so we ensured that the minerals chosen would address these area’s specifically in addition to everything else. In America we are restricted to what we can say as far as minerals being able to heal so all we can legally say is these minerals assist your body. You will notice in each ingredient description we have to say what the minerals “may” help with. Check out the reviews of what our supporters have said and see for yourself the power of Rooted Love. We appreciate you giving us an opportunity to serve you with your health needs!   

The Best Choice

Disease feeds on inflammation. Remove the inflammation and the disease starves.

Mucus buildup prevents your body from healing itself. Get mucus out and let the body do it’s work.

The blood will either heal or kill based on what nutrients are in the blood. Feed it well and feel well.

The gut is the second brain and it’s directly connected to the first brain. When the gut is free of trash so are your thoughts. Clean it up.
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Uncover Complete Wellness and Healing

Boost Immunity

Building more and stronger white blood cells is the name of the game, when it comes to overall health and longevity. By taking a wide variety of herbs and superfoods daily we give ourselves a fighting chance to win the battle against disease.

Decrease Inflammation and Mucus

Rooted Love Minerals are heavily laced with antioxidants and nutrients that soothe the mucus membrane, allowing the body to break down inflammation and mucus. Dandelion root, burdock root, sea moss, mullein, and the other 80+ herbs combine to create a super mix second to none.

Cleanse Blood and Gut

Cleansing the blood and gut without the occurrence of diarrhea is rare, but it’s here. A wide combination of herbs and roots that have been proven to attack free radicals, as well as break down cholesterol in the blood is the game changer you need.

Why Choose Us?

We are the only company that packs 26 ingredients into only 4 capsules. Our complexes maximize effectiveness and saves you tons of money as well as time. No other company even comes close!

What Clients Have to Say

How Divinely Aligned Products helped them
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Bridget Nash - Free from High Blood Pressure
Bethany Simmons - Free from Thyroid Issues
Amber Ray - Free from Lupus Symptoms
Shakayla Beckum - Free from Constipation
Nakita Johns - Free from Excess Body Fat
Elizabeth Charles - Free from Allergies
Shonae Franklin - Free from Back Pain
Kirstie Wilgus - Free of Low Energy
Alicia Smoots - Free of Low Energy
Prenthie Ray - Free of an Infection
Tyra Henderson - Free of Menopause Symptoms
Quandra Riddley - Free from Harsh Cramps
Destiny Weatherton - Free from Seasonal Sickness
Desiree - Free from Headaches and Anxiety


Your Health Journey Starts Here

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$110.00 $140.00
Ultimate health is 2 steps awayStep 1: Divinely Aligned Roots Step 2: Divinely Aligned Booster Get to the Root of the issue and give your body the BOOSTER it needs to power through life. With the Roots your body will be able to naturally attack inflammation and mucus. With the Booster your body will be able to naturally cleanse your blood and gut.  Divinely Aligned Roots ingredients:  Turmeric  Burdock  Dandelion Tribulis Ashwaghanda Bladderwrack Elderberry Sea moss Mullein Prickly Ash Cascara Sagrada Lavender Divinely Aligned Booster ingredients:  Sarsaparilla Astragalus Jiaogulan Black cumin seed Gensing Milk thistle Ginkgo Eleuthero  Yellow dock Rose hips Guaco Schisandra Bitter...
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$65.00 $70.00
Divinely Aligned Booster works to cleanse the blood and gut, but it doesn’t act as a laxative. Think of it as eating a fresh salad with twenty different fruits and vegetables in it, if you have DA Roots and DA Booster. If you have just DA Booster only think of it as a fresh salad with fourteen different fruits and vegetables. Either way your body will thank you by keeping what it needs, and consistently but not uncontrollably eliminating what it doesn’t need. Enjoy the process and keep your love rooted!   DA BOOSTER INGREDIENTS:  Sarsaparilla Astragalus Jiaogulan Black cumin seed Gensing...
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$60.00 $65.00
 INGREDIENTS: 100% ORGANIC   Yellow Inflammation Capsule - Dandelion Root, Turmeric Root, Burdock Root, Ashwagandha, Bladderwrack, Tribulus Brown Mucus Capsule - Prickly Ash Bark, Elderberry, Sea Moss, Mullein, Lavender, Cascara Sagrada The ROOT to all western diseases is the buildup of inflammation and mucus. These two power packed capsules are focused on helping to decrease inflammation and mucus from the body without the side effects naturally, which in turn may help boost all our internal functions. We needed a daily mineral complex that had everything we needed all in one and when we couldn’t find it we created it. Enjoy it with us!  INSTRUCTIONS: This...
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$60.00 $75.00
This potent blend of herbs can enhance digestive health, detoxification, immune support, aids in cleansing the body, supports gut health, and boosting natural defenses. In addition offering anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits, promoting overall wellness and vitality. For best result this complex should be paired with Divinely Aligned Roots, or the Mucus capsules which can be purchased individually or comes in Divinely Aligned Roots. Any person looking to destroy parasites in the body you have found the most potent complex created. This complex should be paired with Divinely Aligned Roots to assist in removing any parasites from the body. Fight...
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$220.00 $230.00
Have you ever eaten 66 of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet in one day? Imagine doing that EVERYDAY. What would you feel like? Royalty. That’s the answer you would feel like royalty because you are treating your body like the temple that it is. Starting your day like this will change your life in ways we can’t explain you just have to experience it for yourself.   This herbal combo comes with  1. Divinely Aligned Roots - Anti Inflammation and Mucus Removal   2. Divinely Aligned Booster - Blood purifier and Gut Cleanser  3. Fight On Site - Anti Parasite...
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$60.00 $75.00
This potent blend of natural ingredients can enhance overall vitality, boost energy levels, and improve sexual health. In addition, support cognitive function, reduce stress, and promote cardiovascular well-being optimizing physical and mental performance. Men that are looking for improved sexual and overall physical performance this is the blend of herbs you’ve been looking for. Naturally boost your testosterone levels and get back to feeling like your younger self again.  Stay READY so you don’t have to get READY!  This complex can be taken alone, but works best in combination with Divinely Aligned Roots and Booster. This is because in order to...

Do you have any questions?

  1. Can I take DA Roots or DA Booster on an empty stomach?
    Yes. It's best to take the first dosage first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because it is food so you don't need to take it with food. 
  2. Will DA Roots or DA Booster make me go to the restroom a lot?
    No. Although Cascara Sagrada is an ingredient in 1 of the capsules, this is Not a laxative.You will still have full control over your bowels. You will most likely urinate more but that is necessary to eliminate toxins.
  3. What is the best time to take DA Roots or DA Booster?
    First thing in the morning on an empty stomach to prepare your gut. And after lunch to improve digestion.
  4. Can I take my daily dosage of DA Roots and/or DA Booster all at one time?
    We recommend taking 4 at a time. Therefore if you are cleansing, meaning you are taking 6 or more a day. We recommend taking them in 2 different settings. 
  5. Are there any negative Side Effects?
    No. Divinely Aligned products consist only of natural herbs and roots created from a seed put in the ground. There are no fillers or anything made in a lab therefore there are no negative side effects.
  6. How many root capsules should I take per day?
    It all depends on your goals but we recommend no less than 4 capsules (2 of each color) per day. Reach out to us directly if you have specific questions about how many you should take. 
  7. Will I feel gittery after taking DA Roots and/or DA Booster?
    Absolutely not everything is 100% natural. That gittery feeling that you get from most supplements or vitamins comes from man made ingredients. In all of our Divinely Aligned products we only use God made ingredients. 
  8. Who came up with this?
    All glory be to God. The wisdom to create this product was granted to us by God and God alone. Although Zavier and Brandi had to do some extensive research for holistic alternatives to traditional medicine. 
  9. How do I get the meal plan?
    We provide a vegan meal plan with every purchase. Once you order any product from our store, you will recieve a confirmation email confirming your purchase and in that email will be a link that will give you direct access to the meal plan. No code needed. Be sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation email if you don't see it after 10 minutes of purchasing. 
  10. How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?
    Shipping is free for all addresses within the United States. Every other country will have shipping rates calculated during checkout. Although every bottle is made fresh to order we strive to get it shipped to you within 3 business days. However we are a small growing business so we ask that you grant us 5-8 business days guaranteed.