Our Story

Zavier and Brandi met and married in 2016. Previous to meeting Zavier became a presidents club member at the tender age of 19 at a fortune 100 car dealership. Honing his sales and leadership skills Zavier became a general manager of a fortune 500 company earning more bonus income than any other manager at the company in his first 12 months. Following his success in retail sales Zavier became a published author, lining out his beliefs on discipline in the areas of faith, family, fitness, and finance. This passion was spurred by his physical and mental transformation of switching to a whole food plant based diet in 2012. He opened a gym in 2016 where he met his now wife Brandi, and the operated the gym together. 

Brandi owned and operated waffles and chops a family restaurant at only 18 years of age. Following her passion of serving people and helping people with their health she graduated nursing school at age 20. After realizing the traditional methods of healing didn’t resonate with her spirit she set out on a holistic journey. Brandi decided at only 13 years of age to go on a plant based journey so she knew what she was doing in the hospital wasn’t helping. 

 In 2016 when Brandi was 22 years of age and Zavier was 30 they married, and became a power couple on a mission to serve others in improving their health holistically. Both being plant based and knowing the power of plants they started a meal prep company together which served over 10,000 of their signature smoothies, which helped the body heal from the inside out. After a devastating day when their food truck was stolen in California, Brandi and Zavier were forced to regroup. Not allowing tragedy to stop them Brandi and Zavier pulled themselves back up and created a more efficient, more effective way to accomplish their goal of helping people get off the traditional system and heal naturally. Divinely Aligned Roots was created in 2022 and will serve millions of people across the world become the healthiest version of themselves as God intended.