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  1. Can I take DA Roots or DA Booster on an empty stomach?
    Yes. It's best to take the first dosage first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because it is food so you don't need to take it with food. 
  2. Will DA Roots or DA Booster make me go to the restroom a lot?
    No. Although Cascara Sagrada is an ingredient in 1 of the capsules, this is Not a laxative.You will still have full control over your bowels. You will most likely urinate more but that is necessary to eliminate toxins.
  3. What is the best time to take DA Roots or DA Booster?
    First thing in the morning on an empty stomach to prepare your gut. And after lunch to improve digestion.
  4. Can I take my daily dosage of DA Roots and/or DA Booster all at one time?
    We recommend taking 4 at a time. Therefore if you are cleansing, meaning you are taking 6 or more a day. We recommend taking them in 2 different settings. 
  5. Are there any negative Side Effects?
    No. Divinely Aligned products consist only of natural herbs and roots created from a seed put in the ground. There are no fillers or anything made in a lab therefore there are no negative side effects.
  6. How many root capsules should I take per day?
    It all depends on your goals but we recommend no less than 4 capsules (2 of each color) per day. Reach out to us directly if you have specific questions about how many you should take. 
  7. Will I feel gittery after taking DA Roots and/or DA Booster?
    Absolutely not everything is 100% natural. That gittery feeling that you get from most supplements or vitamins comes from man made ingredients. In all of our Divinely Aligned products we only use God made ingredients. 
  8. Who came up with this?
    All glory be to God. The wisdom to create this product was granted to us by God and God alone. Although Zavier and Brandi had to do some extensive research for holistic alternatives to traditional medicine. 
  9. How do I get the meal plan?
    We provide a vegan meal plan with every purchase. Once you order any product from our store, you will recieve a confirmation email confirming your purchase and in that email will be a link that will give you direct access to the meal plan. No code needed. Be sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation email if you don't see it after 10 minutes of purchasing. 
  10. How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?
    Shipping is free for all addresses within the United States. Every other country will have shipping rates calculated during checkout. Although every bottle is made fresh to order we strive to get it shipped to you within 3 business days. However we are a small growing business so we ask that you grant us 5-8 business days guaranteed. 

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